Scene 1.00_03_35_10.Still001.jpg

Optics (2021)

After their camera appears to come alive, two young sisters, estranged and in mourning, embark in a race against time to find the answers they crave.

Pincer Pilot.00_06_30_12.Still013.jpg

Pincer: A Demon in the Red Mist (2020)

A pilot episode for a series set in the future where a high-ranking Police Officer uses a psychic to secretly solve cases.

A Christmas Twist - Walking.jpg

A Christmas Twist (2020)

Some much needed festive fun.


The Chrysalis Children (2020)

Our brand new sci-fi drama! Premiered at the Quarantine International Film Festival.


Chopanoc Investigators and the Crystal of Life (2020)

A fun adventure that was included in the Top 40 Official Selection of the Quarantine International Film Festival

Electrifying 5.bmp

Electrifying (2017)

Our second short film

Spooky Staples Still 1.bmp

Spooky Staples (2016)

Where it all started