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Original character-driven cinematic storytelling

The first MIOmotion feature film, Optics, is now available to rent or buy on Amazon Prime Video and Google Play!

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Isabelle McDermott


Isabelle began attending Stagecoach Performing Arts when she was four years old. Described by the Stagecoach Principal as a "triple threat," Isabelle has a passion for acting, dancing and singing, and is keen to pursue a career in the creative arts. Isabelle regularly choreographs her own dance routines and exhibits a natural instinct for dance, claiming to "feel the music." Isabelle has also demonstrated ability in acting, which she has explored through the production of short films, two of which have been accepted into International Film Festivals. In 2021, Isabelle took a lead role in a low-budget independent feature film, Optics. Isabelle's singing has continued to blossom alongside her other skills, and she took part in 10 performances in the choir for the national touring production of 'Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat' at two theatres in 2019.

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Olivia McDermott


Olivia began acting when she was four years old, following in her sister's footsteps by attending Stagecoach Performing Arts. With a love for acting, singing and dancing, Olivia aspires to a career as an actress in films and theatre. Keen to develop her experience, Olivia has worked on the production of multiple short films, two of which have been screened at an international film festival. In 2021, Olivia took a lead role in a low-budget independent feature film, Optics. These experiences have provided Olivia with acting challenges that have expanded her range and exposed her to the mechanics of making a film. Olivia is also confident performing in-front of a live audience, and has greatly enjoyed participating in various shows at the New Theatre in Oxford.


Mark McDermott


Mark has been making independent micro-budget movies since 2000. After experimenting at University and in the years after, he shot his second feature in 2004, The Jigsaw of Life (2005),  which premiered at the Phoenix Picturehouse in Oxford. His next short film, Perception (2009), premiered at the London Independent Film Festival in May 2010, the same time he was shooting his third feature, Harmony’s Requiem (2010). After a break from filmmaking to concentrate on his young family, Mark began shooting again 2016 and 2017, making short films with his two daughters. The UK lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic then provided Mark with an opportunity to try some green screen shooting and he made two short films, Chopanoc Investigators and the Crystal of Life (2020) and The Chrysalis Children (2020), both of which premiered at the Quarantine International Film Festival. In 2021, Mark decided the time was right to make his fourth feature film, and the result was Optics (2021).

Optics (2021) Trailer

Optics (2021) Trailer

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